About Us

In 1962 Norman E. Buck began a business journey…

With no capitol and working from the trunk of his car, Norman began his plumbing and heating business in Watsontown.

Always the adventurer, he searched for new business outlets .In the early 90’s he purchased the Watson Inn. Badly in need of repairs, over 2 years of renovations were to occur before this little restaurant with a few rooms was to be reborn with 35 hotel rooms and seating for 600-including a banquet room for over 350.

In 1995 Buck
y purchased The Lewisburg Hotel. Again 2 years of renovations were to occur before opening the hotel to its old glory, including a oak barroom and a banquet room for over 250.

Bucky’s last business venture was to be The Mifflinburg Hotel/Scarlet D. But time would not allow him to finish. With his sudden passing in September of 2004 a huge loss was felt thru out the community.

Bucky’s joy of creating convinced the family to continue with the project and The Mifflinburg Hotel was completed in 2007.It features a 2 story bar and fine Victorian dining rooms and hotel accommodations.

Bucky loved people and entertaining, he was a member of many charitable organizations and very giving of his business success and time. Because of his determination his work and presence will be felt for years to come.